[WTB] Multiple SKINs for a few specific ships

(Mr Industry) #1


I am looking for a few SKINs, these being:

  • Dragoon Khanid SKIN x 2
  • Prospect Morphite Shine SKIN x 1
  • Prospect Paydirt Prospect SKIN x 1
    There is a buy order up for one of the Dragoon skins for 250 mil in Jita, placed by myself if that is a reasonable price to you (Willing to negotiate). For the other skins I’m willing to hear your offers.


(Mr Industry) #2

Still open, got one of the dragoon skins

(Mr Industry) #3

Buy Order in Jita for the Dragoon Khanid SKINs has been updated, still looking for two

Other skins am looking for as well