WTB Nag toon

Looking for a mostly finished Naglfar toon - T2 guns and T2 siege mandatory

20m-30m sp range

Open to characters with additional skills

link toons you have with naglfar skills. bump bump

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Moise_Apol 29b

I can purchase(27billion) You can find me here WTB 1x Naglfar and 1x Phoenix toon under 25-30 mil SP . I will not spam in this thread.

11b extraction, 29 is a bit of a reach, ill give u 17 right now

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Sorry that I reply in yours thread, eve servers are down, I bumped my thread 16 hours ago and you 12 hours ago so he replied to you first)

your not sorry lol and your ripping yourself off, enjoy the nag toon


https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Moise_Apol 30b if you want

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i dont think i want to pay 30b for that toon, if u come down a few bil im happy to do the trade right now.


bump bump

bump still looking for nag toon

to the top

still looking for a nag toon

bump still looking for dread toon

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