WTB Naglfar or Moros Toon

Im looking for a specialized Naglfar or Moros Char.
T2 Siege, T2 Weapons, Jump skills are not as important.

Send me your offers :slight_smile:

Do you want a character that is (Naglfar && Morors) or a (Naglfar || Moros) pilot?

Nag or Moros. Sorry for not clarifying. Updated the Post.

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I am a Nag pilot and am for sale

oh many sp for naglafar toon?

115m SP

Probably a nice pilot but too much SP. Looking only for a Nag and/or Moros Pilot. Not interested in much else skillwise. Thanks though :slight_smile:

33m SP naglfar focused toon available, can DM me ingame for more info at “Darkendless Jr”

@Tsumana_Ikkala thanks for this :slight_smile:

Send you a dm ingame

bump. still looking.



Thank you for the offer, but i wont pay overprice for a char that has max marauder skills. Already have enough of them. Only here for focused Capital toons.