WTB Naglfar toon under 20-30 mil SP

make me an offer

looking for 2 more tooniez


post an offer if interested

Too many SP. You may extract it to 22 mil SP, then I will pay 32b. Looking for Naglfar-focused character only. Thank you for your offer.




post an offer if this is of interest to you.

21b b/o

Let me know for what amount of isk you will let this toon go. I am online(in game)

I really want to purchase yours toon. Just I don’t know about the price you are looking for :smiley:


Currently looking for 1x Naglfar toon ONLY.

offer accepted, pls send isk and acct info

ISK and account name have been sent. Sry if I am a bit late today. Let me know when you will submit a request.

Support Request #930904

char transfer requested. Thank you for the transaction.

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Looking for 1x Naglfar and 1x Phoenix toon.

Toon recieved. Thank you very much!


Now looking for Phoenix toon only! :slight_smile: Post your offer here or pm me.