WTB Nidhoggur focused pilot 10-15 mil SP

(Autumn Sunset) #1

WTB Nidhoggur focused pilot 10++ mil SP.

Prefered: skill-build focused strict on piloting Nidh. 1+ remaps avialable.
Still ok: 10-15 mil SP char good with drone skills and fine selling price.

All adecvate offers will be considered.
I dont care much about race/gender/name/creation date/etc.

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Daily BUMP

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Daily BUMP 2

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Daily BUMP 3

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Whats your offer http://eveboard.com/pilot/z_KingTone

(Autumn Sunset) #6

Well, smth about 13-14b. Can talk it about in private.
Also daily BUMP.

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Suddenly BUMP

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Another BUMP

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