WTB Nidhoggur toon

budget is 30 bil


  • Nidhoggur
  • 73d 0h 47m 14s
  • Missing Skills:
  • Capital Ships IV (12d 9h 26m 59s)
  • Minmatar Carrier I (0d 1h 38m 35s)
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V (25d 0h 56m 20s)
  • Jump Fuel Conservation IV (7d 12h 7m 7s)
  • Jump Drive Calibration III (1d 11h 49m 15s)
  • Jump Drive Operation V (26d 12h 48m 58s)

wanan buy anyways i cna give u a significant discount to buying a full nidd toon


was that a joke. or is that the discount youre offering?

His offer is pretty fair considering you can’t read and posted a completely unrelated character.

Ryan is correct. I am not interested at all, it is as far from a nid as can be and completely useless to me.

Still looking

Yes i am

Still looking!

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