WTB Nyx/HEl focus pilot!

Im looking for a focus NYX/HEL pilot!!
must : well DRON skill
budget: 20-35B

#nopoors if you would have more budget i am for sell :wink:

Randy Clocks pass = nyx

Cap ships 5
Gallente and Minmatar Carrier 5
Fighters 5
Cloaking 5

Maxed out HIC pilot also
Your budget is a bit low, perhaps others are interested also

Michio_Hayashi pass: 12345

HG Nomad clone
Positive wallet
No killrights
Alot of skillbooks already injected, just need to train them if needed.
Not the perfect Nyx pilot but i think it’s decent, just a few touches and will be ready to roll .
Looking for 26 bils.

let me see your chracter skills


there It is

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