WTB Paladin/golem marauder pilot

Hi, need 8-15 mil SP Paladin or golem pilot
—Amarr or Caldari BS 5
—gunnery or missile and support skills 4/5
—good Engineering and fitting skills

Willing to pay 7-15 bil for a pilot, depending on skill set
I will consider your options.

Thx for the time .



Im a Paladin Pilot. Full fit pilot as well. I trained her up for a really good fit.

Зачем тебе переплачивать сразу за Голема и Паладина. Бери Палыча.

I have sent this character an eve mail

8 bil, good?

Ты хочешь купить этого пилота в моем посте ? Гадко и подло . Создай свой пост и покупай

Worth more than that

All right , 10 bil , max price for this pilot . 10 bil its rely good price !

What price do you want?

Contact me on Discord and ill start the process tonight once I receive the ISK and info on where to send it.

Send the isk to Christopher Giacomo

I will be home tonight so I can start the process than

I’m at work until tomorrow morning Moscow time.

I saw that for your character they give 4 billion.

I give 8 billion.

if you agree, then tomorrow during the day a deal will be made

Dear friend, I was told that 10 bil is too expensive
i give u 8.1 bil and go transfer , right ?

9B and its yours

Deal, isk and account info sent Christopher Giacomo

Isk received. Starting transfer now

Character transferred