WTB Panther Headhunter SKIN

I resubbed because I’ve got an itch to make a solo Black Ops RP video using the Panther Headhunter SKIN. Now I need to find one at a price that doesn’t neuter my ability to lose some BLOPS hulls.

Buy orders in Jita are only 250 million ISK. I’ll offer 10x that, 2.5 billion ISK, with 2 billion for purchase of the SKIN and 500 million as a finders fee to any capsuleer who provides information leading to a successful transaction.

Currently there is one Panther Headhunter SKIN for sale in Jita. If anyone knows the seller, I’ll happily pay the 500M finders fee for a referral if we then haggle our way to a deal.

I have a specific Red Dwarf related RP in mind for which I want the Headhunter SKIN, so my interest in buying is long-term (and it will take me a month or two simply to reaquaint myself with EVE PvP). If you stumble upon this post a month or a year from now, even if it isn’t being bumped, please contact me in-game. I’ll still be interested in buying this SKIN.

An ex-Republic Fleet Panther hull has been obtained from a shady black market dealer near Rens who assures me it was “legitimate salvage”. I don’t trust him, but if the Fleet catches me, a stolen hull is the least of my problems.

A new coat of paint would go far in hiding this hull’s origins. Maybe I can pass it off as one of those Typhoons converted for humanitarian relief after Admiral Noir’s Nyx-sized statement back in YC110?

Anyone know a spacedock capable of painting a Typhoon-class hull in a hurry? I don’t want to be stuck in dock if a Fleet patrol passes through.

Tried bridging a blockade runner today.

Now the jump portal generator’s turboencabulator is cracked. I suspect the alignment was off and as it rubbed on the housing a hotspot developed on the transducer coil’s backside. Then thermal expansion split the turboencabulator.

I ordered the portal generator’s technical manual from the dealer in Rens but it’ll probably take a week or two of reading before I grok this gibberish and repair the generator.

Oh, and I have an immediate opening for a blockade runner pilot. Contact me directly.

Yep. It’s definitely the turboencabulator.

Now the portal generator is back online but I feel like I can tweak it for better efficiency. Back to the manual for a few more days!

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