WTB Phoenix Pilot


looking for phoenix pilot

SP needs to be focused

preferance for an all 5 but can work with something else at a good price

edit: words are hard at 8 AM








still looking


pass 123

how much you pay?

ill offer flat 27, few skills missing and some useless one (which I assume are titans basic skills?)

will think about it for a day or two, its a decent price but the name is awful and with some very core skill missing, will still need some injection afterward

should give you an answer by the end of the weekend

ill be taking it, isk ready when you confirm


dont comment on my WTB if you are not coming to sell me a toon, thanks


Nothing stated in the rules here: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/welcome-to-the-character-bazaar/

Offer of 31bil for that pilot stands.

that is indeed not a rule, just me asking you not to pollute my thread, thanks

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