[WTB] Ragnarok in Basgerin or Lonetrek area

Mail me offers

got one in Hakonen :wink:
has t2 shield riggs but don’t really mind to throw them away , shoot me an offer

Thanks, but I am looking for something cheaper than 60b :wink:

… people never listen… of course u don’t take it for 60… I said make an offer… reeeeee :smiley:
Atleast put a price tag on your thread so we know what ur price range is :ok_hand:

otherwise it’s just a waste of time for everyone here if u are looking for one for 45b

I’m looking for around 50b price tag for the hull

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Show me your swagnaroks!

Still looking for!

Looking for again!

Show me your Rags!

Still looking for!

Still looking for one!

Still looking for!

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