WTB (re)Starter Pilot

(Plsdont Shootme) #1

Haven’t played in years and decided to sell my old 20m SP combat oriented toon to buy a fresher, better focused character to restart on. (… and without almost -10 sec status)

My ideal scenario for coming back is smaller scale PvP/gang(k) roams. Id also be interested in any of the newer PvP/combat PvE content oriented characters.

If you have something that might interest me, link it and sell me on it.

(Plsdont Shootme) #2


Also could be interested in a more bare bones 5.5 starter pilot to inject.

(Catherine Shaw) #3


what about that beauty?
+empty killboard, no bad standings
it’s really an “advanced” starter account that has trained some of the basic skills to 5/3 already, so you have less of a headache with mechanics, power grid managment or gunnery 5 and such.

as i have no clue how much worth that would be, in case you’re interested, we would need another person, if you dont know either.

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