WTB Revelation pilot

Looking to buy a Revelation pilot
must have JDC5, AmarrDread4 and T2Guns skills. (T2Siege,Dread5 is better)
and if he/she can use FAX, much better :slight_smile:

plz post what you have and price. tyty



amarr dread, alliance ceo and fleet booster master.

80 bil


can use the reallocable SPs for JDC

26 bil

sent in game message

ty for your offer!
but i havnt 80b. really sorry TT

@Patricia_Arquette Hello. and ty for offer!
really i want him, but think expensive about 15M=26Bil.
how do you think about 23B?
if you are ok, i will pay now

not good at english. sorry

someone offered him 27b apparently lol

still looking


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