WTB Rorq Pilots (Multiple)

Successfully bought a near max Rorq pilot. Currently looking for 2-3 more alt rorq pilots for my mass mining adventures and yolo blops in combat rorqs for giggles.

Looking to spend around 20 billion+ On a few more pilots that are qualified and focused enough.

Post the rorq pilot that’s being sold. Or contact me in game. I work swing shift that changes weekly so response times in game will vary.


Your friendly Origin player

ALL CCP rules apply. Thanks :slight_smile:

Looking for a special Rorq Pilot, One to control them all.

Are you interested in close-to-rorq pilots currently training into a rorq? Have one that is < 30 days

Nah man, looking for one that has a lot of V’s. Preferably one around 35-40+ mil Skill Points.

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have pilot how much sp?


I appreciate the bumps, but let’s stay on track here!

Buying still!

I just put these up for sale.

Daily bump!

WTS Rorq Pilot here

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