WTB rorqual 20m-30m skills

Arget Lam

Jan 28

Hello everyone !

WTB Focused rorqual pilot requirement are :

  • Be able to fly a rorqual (duh)
  • capital industrial 4 or more,
  • Can fiit T2 industrial core
  • Mining drone 5
  • Invulnerability Core Operation 3 or more

Post offers here. Thank you for your time :smiley::

You’re more likely to get offers if you post in the correct section of the forum - you can edit the post to set your category to Marketplace - Character Bazaar. To avoid your thread being locked, make sure you follow the rules for that forum section. Good luck.

Maybe you should try to buy following skillbooks:

  • Reading Forum rules (train it to 4)
  • Posting in right forum category (5 minimum)
  • ISD avoidance (4 mandatory, 5 recommended)
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You want a rorqual pilot? Sure, for:

Closed as this was posted in the wrong section but is now a duplicate due to the OP raising another WTB post in the correct section :slight_smile:


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