WTB RORQUAL pilot below 30m Skill Points

Looking for a rorqual pilot with less than 30 million skill points.


Hi, Magic A is for sale (under 20m SP)

Have placed a bid on your post, thanks.


Dont have that kind of money, sorry


You bid 24b for another Pilot. Jian Tsu is a much better pilot than the one you bid for on another thread but for 27b which is just 3b more if you waited to get a little bit more money. She has better yield in both ice and ore and also better tank + jump skills than him

I saw that you wanted 28 already, +4 is one thing but +8 is double the difference

I would let her go for 27b

theres already a 27bil bid

He didn’t respond when i replied to him. I’ll try him again if you don’t want the char

I just hit 27bil so im more open to your offer, but i will see where the 24mil char takes me first.

Sure, let me know.

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