WTB Rorqual

Skills required


Drones V
Drone Navigation V
Mining Drone Operation V
Mining Drone Specialization III
Drone Interfacing IV
Drone Sharpshooting IV


Power Grid Management V

Fleet Support

Leadership I
Mining Foreman V
Mining Director I


Navigation V
Warp Drive Operation V
Jump Drive Operation I


Industry III
Mass Production V
Advanced Mass Production IV

Resource Processing

Mining IV
Industrial Reconfiguration V


Science V


Shield Management V
Shield Operation V
Shield Emission Systems V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V
Capital Shield Emission Systems III
Invulnerability Core Operation I
Capital Shield Operation I

Spaceship Command

Spaceship Command V
Advanced Spaceship Command V
ORE Industrial III
Industrial Command Ships III
Capital Ships II
Capital Industrial Ships I

Links and prices
In-game email contactļ¼šzhongguo nanhai

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