WTB scanning alt

Hi folks,

I need scanning alt with these skills/abilities:

  • All scanning skills must be V
  • Core skills V
  • Must have ability to fly and USE covops and Astero, Strat would be desirable
  • Good drone skills
  • Up to 30ish mil SP

You can post your offers here or ingame.

Good luck!

Dont have exact number, depends on skills and amount of SP, but i would not go above 30bil, even if the char have 40ish mil SP…

what about lvl 3 core and scanning skillsand able to fly strat

I have a toon which has Astrometrics, Acquisition, Pinpointing to 5, with rangefinding 4.

Amarr and Gallente frigate 5, amarr cruiser 5 gallente cruiser 4

Drones 5, drone support skills in 3’s and 4’s

Doesn’t quite have the drone skills or armor skills you might want with a combat astero/strat, but maybe we can work something out

Edit: 12.8M sp, 451k of that unallocated

Could you please post eveskillboard link of the pilot?



Hello, thanks for waiting, this is the eveboard:



I am sorry, but I need more skilled pilot… it will take too much time to train the requested skills.

Thank you for your offer


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