WTB Scanning Char

Hi everyone !

I am looking for a scanning character to buy. Expecting between 5-6M SP.

-Mandatory Astrometrics V (no offers accepted without this)
-Mandatory Acquisition, Rangefinding and Pinpointing IV (no offers accepted without this)
-Either CovOps (no racial preference), or Astero (will pay less for Astero than CovOps).
-Mandatory Cov Ops Cloak (no offers accepted without this)
-Archeology and Hacking V not mandatory but strongly appreciated.
-Cybernetic skills not mandatory but strongly appreciated.
-No prerequisition on Navigation skills and Engineering skills.
-Location does not matter (no char inside a WH tho).
-Standings do not matter for NPC corps or Empires.
-Kill Rights don’t matter.

Send offers :slight_smile:

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