WTB Ships

Armageddon Navy Issue* Curse* Cynabal* Damnation* Deimos* Gecko* Hulk* Ikitursa* Ishtar* Lachesis* Legion* Loki* Mackinaw* Megathron* ORE Strip Miner* Orthrus* Stratios* Tengu* Vagabond* Vigilant* Small Skill Injector* Zarmazd* Nighthawk* Gila* Draugur* Devoter* Proteus* Praxis* Armageddon* Damnation* Stormbringer*

every day
jita 4-4

Take a look on the market or what you hope to find here?

I have 2 ANI * 1 curse * About 12 cynabals* 2 ikis * several of each T3 cruiser * Tons of gilas ( i think maybe 40 ) * 20 praxis * heaps of trig ships * a damn and 2 stormbringers. This is off the top of my head as not in game atm so maybe more than i listed.

But yeah why not just put in buy orders in market ?