WTB Sin Pilot

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #1

WTB a good Trained Sin Pilot, name me your Price and let me see the Skills.

(Subject 89P13) #2

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Subject_89P13 (PW: 789)

I planned on selling him at the end of the month when his training queue was complete but have a look and let me know if you’re interested.


(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #3

im interested, what will be your price for this toon?

(Subject 89P13) #4

25B and I transfer with Visa so no waiting on petition for plex transfer.

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #5

still search

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #6

still search some good offers

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #7

still serch also accept toons with injected skill books and low sp

(system) #8

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