WTB : skills injector

Anyone out there be willing to swap PLEX for a large skills injector post your price in PLEX required … thanks


I’ll sell you a Large Skill Injector for 250 PLEX.

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Agreed willing to buy 2 for 510 ? Also we need to arrange time and place to do the trade …

I only have one at the moment. Would Jita work okay? Contract?

Jita should be okay only 12 jumps from where am currently based… Seems we need to get an agreed time (server time) have mailed you ingame at the weekend… Hopefully we can then when meet get a contract for a 2nd sorted out …

I can potentialy do 15 large injectors for 250 plex if your still looking. regular ocurance say once a fortnight

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Am happy for the moment, but will bookmark your post here and will be in touch later this month, as I wouolod like perhaps another 4/6 beyond the agreement I have made with Tom Forager above for a 2nd … Meanwhile my thanks for interest …

Have sent you an ingame e-mail hope you see it soon :slight_smile: