WTB Sub Cap PVP Character 70+ Million Skill Points

As the title says I am looking to buy a sub capital PVP character over 70 million skill points.


  • Minimal unrelated skill points (Some unrelated skills are ok)

  • At least 1 remap available (The more the better)

  • Good core skills

Please post an eve board link here and either state your price in the thread or mail me with the price thanks.

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Wts 92m sp dread / pvp / pve toon

I like the character please eve mail me a price you are looking for or post your price here.

80B and he is yours have offer on here for 78B already my post less than 10 hours old , Let me know , if so send isk and account name and post here … good luck

Wts 86mil so toon

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