WTB Sub-Cap Specialist Combat Toon 100bill Budget

Combat Toon 100bill Budget Only 1 Toon.
-All Frigate V
-All Destroyer V
-All Cruisers V
-Must be able to fly at least one Marauder
All Small, Medium, Large Guns to 5.

Minimum Sp requirements 50mill Sp+

Not Needed but are a +
-Capitals skills
-Missile Skills

Can go over budget if toon is juicy.

I have one, looking for one or two Bill over 100 if you want to take a look?

One or Two Bill over is acceptable

Alright I’ll message you the link to pilot in a moment. Just need to create it real quick

Please Mail me in game or post here thanks

In game mail sent


can you send a link to me in game please. Free bump


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