WTB Super/Carrier/Dreadnought Pilots

Looking for carrier pilot with close to perfect skills, will consider addon skills for right price.

Lemme know what you want for it. will consider Ama or Gallente too but mainly looking for Minmatar



(post deleted by author)

sorry im new, whats a decent offer? 30b?

okay ill take it, please create a post for private? sale with all the required information as per the forum rules and i will pay 30b for it






Naglfar Alt, T2 Siege, T2 Guns, Gunnery skills V, Dread V

how does 21b sound?

@Noir_Dera, 21.5 bil

Threads should not descend into a bidding anarchy.

Please send an ig mail for further communication.

ingame mail sent

still looking?
I have a few alts, close to maxed out on all races

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