WTB Super carrier sitter pilot





password: pewpew

Not really a super sitter, how much were you amining for?

7 days to Nyx

I see
How much are you asking?
Are you willing to extract it yourself to match my price range?


I will wait few days more, if won’t find buyer then will extract this pilot.

Nice! Let me know when

I’ve made official sale thread

I will extract when time expire




How much are you looking to pay?

Around 6/8 B

are you still looking?

Yes, still looking

Where can I contact you ingame? I have a nyx sitter. he’s 12mil sps… he has enough skills to keep all of the modules online but thats in. I can extract some of those skills and sell it to you. But if its just to sit in the nyx all of you modules will offline.

Which is a pain if you’re doing a character swap and have go through the hassel of onlining everything.

Sent you ingame mail

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