(Lion Drome) #1


I’d be interested in helping players who have T2 BPO’s and wish to turn them into ISK without the hassle (or taxes) of a public auction or contract. So if you have a T2 BPO you wish to sell for an agreeable price, by all means feel free to PM me or reply in this thread with the BPO you have and the ME/TE numbers of it.


(Lion Drome) #2

Happy to buy module, ship & ammo T2 BPO’s. :slight_smile:

(Lion Drome) #3

I’m quite happy to turn your T2 BPO’s into a nice big number of ISK.

(Lion Drome) #4

Specifically interested in modules & ammo T2 BPO’s. Happy to also take a look at ship T2 BPO’s.

(Lion Drome) #5

Still very interested in T2 BPO’s :slight_smile:

(Lion Drome) #6

Send me a PM or post in the thread if you’d like to sell a T2 BPO. I’m sure we can negotiate a price both are happy with.

(Lion Drome) #7

Still interested to buy.

(Lion Drome) #8

If you’re not sure on what price you want for your T2 BPO. Then by all means let me know what you have I’ll give you an offer.

(Lion Drome) #9

Let me turn your T2 BPO into ISK

(Lion Drome) #10

Still interested in giving a caring home to a T2 BPO :slight_smile:

(Lion Drome) #11

Still interested to buy. Remember to include the ME & TE Ratings so I can give a good offer for the T2 BPO.

(Lion Drome) #12

To the top! Looking for some great T2 BPO’s.

(Lion Drome) #13

Still interested. Let me give the T2 BPO’s a good home.

(Lion Drome) #14

Still looking to buy some.

(Trit) #15

find me in game

(Lion Drome) #16

Still, as always, interested to buy a T2 BPO. Or several of them.

(Lion Drome) #17

Interested in offering T2 BPO’s a loving home. Let me know if you want to sell some.

(Lion Drome) #18

Still interested in buying a T2 BPO. Lot of ISK looking for a new home.

(Yohira Xan) #19

I sent you a mail a few days ago… If you are not interested atleast tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lion Drome) #20

Apologies for the delayed reply. I’ve sent you a PM. Thanks :slight_smile: