[WTB] Utility Alt - Scanning, Tackle, etc

Hey there, i am looking for a utility alt for scouting, tackle, scanning and so on. Links might be an “high-end” bonus. Let me know what you got and an estimation of your desired price.

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hey can you get to a post i have from this post? I wanted to sell Sakura 679 and wanted to know whatt you thought. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/sakura_679

can fly enyo/ishkur

tech 2 blasters/rails and light drones tech 2

hi, i want to sell a character but eveskillboard has issues with esi right now. will post the link as soon as i can


this is the character i can offer.

Heya, sorry - not really interrested.

Lily_Minero//@Dennis_Minero: The Char has like nothing really i am looking for… no Inty V, not much in Navigation, no Fleet Support… over 2mil SP in mining and industrial ships respectively and 3ish mil in drones.

Thanks for the offers so far tho.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/kong_scanner scanning alt you interested?

prio one is inty V, very good navigation etc.

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https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Mouse_Raider, 2 million un-allocated to modify as you wish.


Amarr Cruiser 5
caldari cruiser 5
Recon 5
hic 5
cyno 5
Heavy Assault Missiles 5
Heavy Missiles 5
Warhead Upgrades 5
all gunnery support skills at 5
good shield skills
good falcon skills, ewar
34.3m sp
right 1 m unused sp
can fly a hulk if you are into that lol
1 yearly remap available and a few others I think. if interested I will verify
make an offer

more than a scanner alt… can open gates…

i apprciate the offers, tho i am rather narrowly looking for tackle/scanning/links.

So please consider posting if the toon has inty V, very good scanning (all V preffered), and an added bonus is perfect links. Other than that nothing really is needed.


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