WTB Vehement, 50B

Offering max price for this hull in hopes to get it done before next Sisi mirror, so I can test some things. Offer stands until filled or next mirror is live (best guess about one month). Mail me in game and/or reply here.

Bumping to the top.

I vehemently want to buy this ship

I shall be vindicated when I buy this ship

I will be vigilant in watching this thread until I buy this ship!

I am a virtuoso at bumping this thread.

That next mirror is coming soon. Step right up to sell your Vehement.

Where are all the daredevils who want to sell this ship?

I shall be the victor when I buy this ship.

I am the vanquisher! A vehement has been purchased. Thank you and I wish a happy Serpentis season to you all.

I have one for sale in Daras if offer still stands, Please mail me in game if you’re still interested.

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