WTB Vepas's Modified Torpedo Launcher X 4

Negotiable price, but I’m expecting something lower than jita sell.

ingame message: 0204 USB

or replies here


It’s best to buy them on the open market. I also tried a WTB thread for Vepas Torp Launchers, but got no responses, so I just waited for people to put in reasonably priced sell orders in Jita. I now have the full set of 6 that I wanted.

Update: I did have someone approach me with some to sell, but he was asking for 2.5billion each for them, which was too high, and he tried to give me the ‘non-negotiable’ schpeel, so I declined and went to the market, where I managed to get my last 2 launchers for 2.0billion each last weekend.

Whatever you do, don’t let any seller hold you to ransom on the price, too many of them try to do that. You should be paying 1.8billion-2.3billion for these.

thanks !

my ideal price range is around 2b :slightly_smiling_face:

currently jita sell orders are at 2.3

ps i bought 2 at 1.2b mark about 3 month ago xD

No problem :slight_smile:

Congrats on your 1.2billion purchase a few months ago, that was a very good price…

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