WTB WH C3 with Low or Null statics


(Ryisaa) #1

Ad says it all.

LF C3 with a Null or Low static. Don’t care if there are structures or not, and would prefer the POCOs as well. Let me know!

(Glenn Guglia) #2

I have one i recently found:

(Glenn Guglia) #3

there are POCOS, but no structures

(Ryisaa) #4

msg me in game for price and discussion. very interested.

(Glenn Guglia) #5

sorry ryissa, by the time you messaged me looked like somebody already moved in :confused:

(Herr Idiot) #6

I have what you are looking for. With fortizar, pocos and some caps docked. Message me in game.

(system) #7

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