WTB Women's Bioadaptive Kybernaut Combat Suit

WTB Women’s Bioadaptive Kybernaut Combat Suit, yep, that red one.
Drop me a line in game and name your price.
we shall see if we can make a deal.

Fly safe out there.

Bumpy bumpy… guess this is gonna be hard.
Got no offer yet after 2 days.
At least can somebody tell me how to get one of these suit?
Via ratting loot in Tri Space? maybe?

they are super rare drop in abyssal deadspace iirc.

Thank you very much , Mr. Katana Masen.
I might as well try to join a corp dedicated in running these abyssal DED thing… If there is any
Thanks again.

Hi Akari,

I think what Katana Masen is referring to is the ‘Proven’ combat suit- the black one with red and gold- but that could have changed with recent updates. If so, the Proven kybernaut armor is a super-rare drop from the loot cache in the PVP proving grounds.

The Bioadaptive Combat Suit (red one) was originally awarded to players who finished the Triglavian Invasion finale with a Triglavian standing of 3.0 (I believe) or higher. Gender of the item depended on the gender of the character with the standing.

Other rewards from that content arc included the Trig hat, shirt, and ‘Liminal’ bioadaptive suit, for previous standings at 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0. EDENCOM supporters got their respective faction items for the same standings gain with EDENCOM.

Good luck, and bump!


Thanks for the info on the suit.
Guess then the only way is to wait for one of these Female Chars who won the prize to show up.

In that case , really gonna need that good luck you’ve mentioned ;p

Goodluck to me, and bump!

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sorry dude. yeah I had misunderstood.
What I said was about proven combat suits, and Lady Zeresh is correct.

To be exact those bioadaptive apparels exists in the Triglavian member corps LP stores.

They requires three items to be redeemed : Interstellar Navigation Logs, Protective Equipment Patterns, Cultural Semiosis Data.
Interstellar Navigation Logs can be easily acquired though, the rest of two are not implemented in the game yet.
Thereby being impossible to get them as of now other than by the market.

It’s unclear if this situation is what CCP intended or they are too incompetent to forget getting those items into TQ.

Good luck.


Thanks again for this very detailed infromation, Mr. Katana Masen.
I’m kinda struggling now cuz if CCP add these missing contents then I can easily obtain one of the Shiny Suits, on the other hand ,deep in the guts my vanity kinda denies it… cuz although the scarlet is kinda my favourite colour but when it can be seen quite frequently… it suddenly become 50% less cool Xp.
Sorry to be a so badly philistine.
As if I can tell CCP what to do LoL …!!!

:p need some luck. bump!

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Today comes my fortune! bump!

I think you already did that though, did you get in touch with DMC or Zheckarr ?
DMC ( DeMichael Crimson ) is the apparel collector who perhaps has the one of the most largest collection in the New Eden. Since he’s a collector I doubt he has spare though, possibly he can.
Zheckarr ( Zheckarr Zateki ) is a trader who frequently deals clothing including extraordinary rare stuff. ( and such items are of course extremely expensive )

If not yet, you may try them. Just incase.

Wow! here comes my fortune! Thanks for the clue Mr. Katana Masen. In fact I have not yet contacted either of them. Will try later after work is finished.

Gosh, you really did make my day!!

I’ve seen this thread; I asked around with no luck so far. I’ll message you when I come across one

They usually just pop up in public contracts. Your best bet might be looking through those under ‘apparel’ every day, but I’m doing that anyways.

Thanks Mr. Aheckarr_Zateki. I was about to try to contact you after Mr.Katana Masen’s introduction.

I’ll try what you have mentioned about too see if I get lucky, as well as contacting the DMC.


First time ever in my life I am upset cuz no body is trying to rip me off ;p

Still looking for it ;p

Yay!! Finally Got An Offer In Game Just Now!!

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Thanks for everyone who shared me information. Thanks for help. The deal has been made. I got what I was looking for .

It’s a good day today!


:tada::tada::tada:Congratulations, sincerely ! :tada::tada::tada:

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