WTS 1.4M SP Amarr Character

Senua Khardula Char Tools4Eve Profile
Wallet: Positive
Security Status: 0.1
Remap: N/A
Localization: Youl VII 0.8 - Moon 10 - Amarr Navy Logistic Support
Can Fly lvl 2 Missions for the Amarr Navy

My first ever character, I feel bad for grinding her into meatloaf so wanna sell and transfer her to free up a character slot

I suppose starting bid is 50Mil, I would like to have this completed by Monday, November 27 2023, 5PM EST TIME.

500 mil, this is pretty close to my daughters birthday so she could use this once she finds it in her heart to start playing.

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This Auction is now closed.

I have reached out to you ingame.

Thanks, isk and account info have been provided.

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