WTS 1000 VNI Blueprint in JITA

WTS 1000 VNI Blueprint in JITA
Price 60m each(pirce will change when the market price growing)
50-1000 per contract
mail me in game:jc alba or leave name and number here

I’ll take 150, contract to me. Thanks

Fazzy star?

contract already

Accepted, thanks

bump bump

bump bump

get some?

bump bump

would take 150 for 55m each

60m no bargain

64m now no bargain

70m now

What’s the price now

70m for now

I can take 20 for 60 mil each

I’ll take 50 at 50m

I’ll take 1000 for 40

75 for now 500left

@JC_Alba, current price?