WTS 100m SP pure subcap pvp Toon

I might, let me give it a think ill get back to you after i have had coffee. 15mins or so.

Alright. But I would like to go to bed soon so I might not be on for much longer T_T

convo me in game

sale will be closed as i have not been offered what consider a fare value for the character.

Thank you.fly safe.

So,is it possible to message you in 10 days about this toon? ( if I will not find another one)

what do you mean can you contact me in game.

Yep,if I will be interested in your toon I will send an ingame message to u

please do as i will sell him i just want a little better price.

Possible sale will update with details in 20 minuets.

ISK and info sent

starting transfer