WTS 101M SP Subcap Pilot + Caldary Dread V


Selling this character. Corporation needs updating on char.tools, but in NPC Corp now.

Awesome subcap skills + Caldary Dreads V and training
2 jump clones (2/9)
1- Located in Vuorrassi VI (High sec) - 2.2B value Full shield implants
2- Located in YXIB-I (Null sec) - 4B value Full armor implants
2 bonus remaps available.
Located in jita 4-4.
Positive wallet.
No killrights.
112 ship skins
Sec status 0.0

Bid starting 65B
Will take buyout offers.
All CCP transfer rules apply.

80b b/o

I accept the offer, please send isk to this character with name for the transfer and will initiate right now!

isk and account info sent


Isk received and transfer initiated, enjoy! :slight_smile:

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