WTS 104m SP

WTS this character.

B/O 87b


Make offers here I do not check the mail.

Located in Low Sec Aridia. in full Improved set.

Edit 1: Spelling
Edit 2: added info on pod location.
Edit 3 :B/O added

80 bil

81 B isk

82 bil

Thanks for offers, I think at this stage will just extract. Ill wait a bit longer to see if any other offers come in.

83 bil

84 bil

85 bil

Thanks for the offer B/O added for 87b

86 bil

Thanks for the offer.

1 more billion and I will sell.

Can we meet half way?


if that’s your offer send isk and account details.

agreed. I will send it in c. 1 hour, need to get to my PC

Ill be back in 30 mins

sending now

Please confirm once you’ve done the transfer.

sent to requested account

Thank you

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