WTS 107 mill SP

(MinoTauR84) #1


  • Positive wallet
  • 1x Bonus remap
  • No Kill rights
  • 2.0 Security
  • good relations with Imperial factions
    Trade starts from 95 billion

(Pluvanto) #2

pw for evevboard?

(MinoTauR84) #3

12345, sru

(Gattanera) #4

87 bil

(TxivYawg1) #5


(MinoTauR84) #6


(MinoTauR84) #7

Daily Bump

(MinoTauR84) #8

Daily Bump

(MinoTauR84) #9

sell character for 90 billion

(MinoTauR84) #10

your offer still stand?

(Mytic) #11


(MinoTauR84) #12

50 billion is ridiculous.

(TxivYawg1) #13

you have waited too long and the market has changed. I can do 87bil only right now. isk ready let me know.

(Mytic) #14

na its ok help out s noobbbe like me to start pvp

(MinoTauR84) #15

Ок. 87 bill. Convo in game.

(Gattanera) #16

88 bil

(TxivYawg1) #17

isk and account info sent

(Gattanera) #18

Well, you’re misleading people TxivYawg1. My bid was 87 and as per above I could go higher

(Gattanera) #19

FYI - Welcome to the Character Bazaar

D. Purchasing and sales

Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.

(MinoTauR84) #20

Character sold TxivYawg1. ISK received. The topic is closed.