WTS 107M SP Indu/Rorq/Nag/FAX alt

65bill offer
The char is still in a corporation

It droped corp today must be api problem check ingame



70b offer

Thank you for your offer. Will w8 a few more day´s.


75B Isk ready.

As agreed in Game mail, 80B Buy Out. Account name sent.

ISK Sent

Thank you for buying the Toon, isk received. Will send toon shortly

will send the toon as soon as possible.

OK - Thanks for update

Still waiting on Character Transfer

transfer is still down

I know transfers are still down, (almost three days now).

Just posting here to keep a record that I am still waiting for Character Transfer.

Character transfer are fixed. We should be able to complete this transaction now.

Already noticed and im working on it :slight_smile:

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Hey Fenecemover im really sorry that i need to tell u there are still problems withe the transfer. I already contacted the eve support. they told me to tell u. they will fix the problem asap, im really sorry for the delay.