WTS Focus Nid Pilot 20.2m SP

Currently in Ammold
Skillboard shows wrong, pilot is in NPC corp
Nid Pilot
Fighter 4
Light Fighter 4
0 isk
0 Killrights
Sec Status 0.0
2 Remaps

Starting 19b

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I’ll start you off with 15bil

Thanks for the start, still taking offers

bumpity bump

16B deal


@Suty_Elizabeth Thank you but hoping to get a little more.

19B,B/O,ISK is ready。

@dudulu Will hold for 24 hours, if no other offers, I will accept yours.

OK,Waiting for you


@Ding_Dong_Zero @dudulu Thank you for the bids, still 12 hours to go before selling to highest bid.

Final bump

I bid 20 billion ISK. Can you do it for me?

Thank you for the bid, if no one has bid higher by 0800 EVE time, you can mail me in game with your account info and transfer isk, I will immediately transfer character.

Bids have closed, will be transferring character to @Suty_Elizabeth as soon as playment and account details are recieved.

20B ISK has been transferred in. Please start transferring. A pleasant cooperation!!!@ Torin Gengod

@Suty_Elizabeth there has been no isk transferred, please transfer isk or the character will go to @Ding_Dong_Zero

EDIT, you also have not sent any account info to me through an in game mail…?

In the process of applying for GM help, please wait a moment! Thank you very much!

I have refunded the ISK to you. Please note that check.