WTS 110 Mil SP all Battleship / marauder, pvp / pve(SOLD OUT)


WTS myself.
Can fly 317 ships
Have 349 Ship Skins (Have 1.5b isk Cerberus Vitalshift EGO Skin)
Have Low~Mid Asklepian Implant

sits in HS(Jita 4-4)
positive wallet (not minus >_-)
no kill rights
Jumps clone in Jita 4-4
security status not minus (0.9)
In NPC corp

Starting bid 90B ISK

Thread re-opned.

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74 Bi

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  1. The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items.

ok I know that too.

75 B offer

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ok I’m selling this account to you.
Let us know which account you’d like to receive the account transfer.
Send to " Kimgoge Arnoux" 75B isk plz
We’ll process your deposit as soon as it’s confirmed

Isk must be send to the toon you selling. Not any other characters.

Rule number 3 under ‘‘general rules’’ in Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Okay. I’ll send ISK.

But due to the rules, I’m sending ISK to Kimgoge Arnoux, which you can transfer to whatever character you want of your choice before sending the character to me.

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ISK and mail sent

76 Bi

oh… ok sorry

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ok I’m going to check it out now.

Your account transfer is complete, thank you.

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Thanks. Will confirm after ten hours.

yep thx

Character received. Thank you.