WTS 112m SP Minmatar pvp Specialist inc Titan/Dread 5

(Zinerva Ryder) #1

I am for sale, EveBoard

This Character really is a well rounded PVP Veteran


Minmatar Titan 5
Minmatar Dread 5
Interdictors 5
Heavy Interdictors 5
Blops 5
Capital Projectile Turret 5
Doomsday 5
Doomsday Rapid Firing 5
T2 Siege
Armor Comps to 5
Shield Comps to 5
Lots of support skills to 5

4 jump clones, 2 in null and 2 in lowsec. Two clones have +4’s, another has 2x+3 and the other has none.

Currently mapped to Perception / Willpower

1x remap available

Starting price is 100b

Buyout Hidden

WTB Naglfar/Ragnarok focused pilot
(Haleuth) #2

105b bo

(Zinerva Ryder) #3

Daily Bump

(Zinerva Ryder) #4

BUMP for ze day

(Hammersmashed face) #5


(Final Liu) #6

110b b/o

(Final Liu) #7

Sorry I will cancel my offer.thx

(jitomeroalt) #8

108 bil

(system) #9

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