Wts 114 m sp pilot 80 bil bo

-NPC corp
-No kill rights
-wallet is positive
-positive security status

Ill B/O for 80b.

I ready to do deal now, please send ISK and all info to my alt Woodia May, and I’ll start transfer

Per CCP rules all isk must be sent to the character being sold, youll have to transfer it after that.

Also are you doing the 20$ transfer? And if you could log ingame on nightrider123 so i can send you all the information that would be appreciated.

yes, 20$ transfer, I need isk to be sent to my alt

The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK. Characters may not be sold in exchange for items.

CCP rule #3, I will not be protected if I send it to your alt. I won’t break that rule plain and simple. I am more than willing to send the isk to nightrider123 and then you can transfer it to your alt.

you are protected since I mention my alt name here lol, if you dont wantto do it np then

I don’t think you’ve read the rules, the isk HAS to be sent to the character being sold. There is no deviation from that.

dont send if you dont want, I ll find a adequate buyer

Good luck.

Anyone looking to purchase this character be aware that you will not be protected by CCP when you send the isk to his alt. Plain and simple.

still for sale, 80 bil bo

nightrider you have to carefully read the rules
what dodge duster said was 100% correct

trying to dodge the rules they can actualy take disciplinairy actions for and i dont know what they are but high chanse if the mods read this post they will lock it

Yea NEVER send isk to anyone but the character being sold.

Due to the OP not following the rules, the thread will be closed. They may relist the character for sale once all Character Bazaar rules are met. Thank you.