WTS 114 million sp PVP, JF, CARRIER, DREAD, BLACK OPS, RORQ pilot

so ah you are selling your caracter and you want isk ??
isn’t that call…

no scam just selling the char isnt that what the forum is for.

Bump daily


Starting bid is 80 billion

daily bump

daily bump https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/porsche_kirk updated

Daily bump

daily bump

Daily bump make decent offer will sell must be within the bracket (80 _ 100 b isk)


Bumps do bump bump

80 bil

I need to message another bidder first but if response comes back negative then I will set the sale in action by close of play this evening thank you for the offer

Private buyout offer has come in pending finalization not taking any more offers thanks for offers

The auction is over ?I am ready.

The person who made a private bid was messaged and he put in buy out offer private deal

ISK Transferred and account name sent as per in game agreement

account tranfer in progress isk recieved please close thread SOLD

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