WTS 114M Capital and Subcap Pilot

Currently mapped to Per/Wil - Remap available now
No kill rights.
in NPC corp.
Sitting in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet

+5 Implant Set
Geno Set with Hardwirings
MidGrade Amulet Set
Partial MidGrade Crystal Set

Can Fly -

  • Most Sub Cap Stuff.
  • Marauders V
  • Amarr, Caldari and Min Battleships to V
  • Caldari Gallente and Minmatar Dreads to V
  • Amarr Carrier to V
  • T2 Siege
  • Capital Ind to V and Capital Reconfig to V

Lots of other cool things

Extraction Value of this toon is roughly 65B. Any offers below this will be ignored. Offer also needs to make it worth my while to pay the CCP transfer fee

60 b offer

Hi! I think I could offer 72b.

Maybe you can get a better offer, and hopefully it’s not taken as an offense. If you were however to consider this offer, I’d need roughly 5-6 days to amass the required sum. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, It is close to what I think is worthwhile. Do you have any more room in your offer? I’m happy to wait 5-6 days

If you could stretch to 75B I’d be happy with that

Yes, okay, I could stretch to 75B. Let’s make that the new official offer then. =)

You are open and friendly, and I appreciate your patience.

OK, done deal.

I’ll keep an eye out for your ISK over the next few days

If for some reason the sale does not complete, consider this a back up offer for 75b.



62 b offer

Thanks, I’ll honour the deal made with Nox Tristiva but if it falls through I will come back to you

Hey @Mittens_DeVeer , I think that will be good by tonight (it’s morning now for me), to send the isk. Have a great day!

Isk sent, and details in an eve mail for the rest. It’s my largest transaction ever, I’m a bit nervous haha, thanks for your time!

No problem, I’ll be logging in to do this shortly.

It is early morning for me here.

EDIT : Transfer done

Recieved the email confirmatio, thank you!

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