WTS 12.3 MIL SP - Ready Player 1 - You choose his destiny


Tons of Level 5 (yellow) foundational skills trained.
Full Set of +5 Implants.
0 Sec Status.
No Kill Rights.
Positive Wallet.
Located in Jita 4-4.
Awesome name.

All he needs is you to choose his destiny.

Starting Bid: 10 bil
Buyout: Hidden


Thanks for the bid. Let’s keep it going

12b bid

I will sell him to Kosmi4eskiy Oleg today at 19:00 EVE Time unless someone bids more. Good luck!

Accepted. Please send ISK and account info. Thanks!

After multiple attempts at communication…including one where he declined the convo and blocked me at the very beginning, I’m deciding to cancel this offer from Kosmi4eskiy Oleg. Good luck out there man.


Accepted. Please send ISK and account info! Thank you

Isk sent

account name sent in evemail

ISK and account name received. Contacted CCP regarding transfer. Thank you.

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