WTS ~12.8M SP and ~7.2M SP chars [ CLOSED ]


(Polytor Naari) #1

Eleonora Edier (~12.8M SP) - 9b
SOLD - ROBOSHNAYDER (~5.8M SP + ~1.4M Unallocated SP; Clean Corp. History) - 6b

All CPP rules apply

Chars in Jita 4/4

I will pay transfer fee (Probably with support ticket way, so possible delay for GM response)

(Eleonora Edier) #2

It’s true


It’s true

(Polytor Naari) #4


(Polytor Naari) #5


(Polytor Naari) #6


(Polytor Naari) #7


(Polytor Naari) #8


(Polytor Naari) #9


(Tubertini) #10

6b for robo

(Polytor Naari) #11

@Tubertini: Accepted. You can send ISK and account information.

(Tubertini) #12

Isk and acc info sent

(Polytor Naari) #13

@Tubertini: ISK’s and account information received. Support ticket for transfer opened. When it is processed, I will immediately inform you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

(Polytor Naari) #14

@Tubertini: Support ticket was processed (a few minutes before writing this post). ROBOSHNAYDER was transferred. Please confirm that you received this character.

(Polytor Naari) #15


(Polytor Naari) #16


(Polytor Naari) #17


(Tubertini) #18

Sorry for long answer, character received. All fine

(Polytor Naari) #19


(Sliddhy Silf) #20

7.5b for Eleonora