WTS 126 mil Sp Supercarriers Black Ops

  1. No kill rights
  2. positive isk wallet.
  3. currently docked in jita 4 4
  • Capital Ships 5
  • Marauders 5
  • Amarr Carrier 5
  • Black Ops 5

Start bid 90 Bill
B/O 120 Bill

102 Bi



Why do you make a bet lower than the previous person? Your bet becomes meaningless

103 B

104 B

106b offer

107 B

how about 110?
I’m ready to sell now for this price

Send me the role of receiving ISK

I agree to 110 bil
you can send isk


Give me your character name

Kalyn Farnmir

Please confirm receiving ISK characters in the game

Please reply to my email using Kalyn Farnmir

sec eve update

Will it take a long time?

I already answered you in the game