WTS 12M SP Gallente Starter Toon

Angelina Dark

Location: Jita 4 -4
Wallet: Positive
Security Status: 0.18
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp

10b B/O

This toon was created for my girlfriend but she never not got into Eve :frowning:

Confirming I am for sale :slight_smile:

can fly a carrier?

nope :frowning:


Are you going to share the skills

I have… Her name is hyperlinked to eveskillboard. However I am more than willing to share again https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Angelina_Dark

My bad 5 bill

6 bil.

8B i ll buy it

da lang I’ll take 8 bil.

Please send ISK and account info.

ok wait moment, i m eating dinner

@Jut_Hut_Azaph hello guys ,I have already send ISK 8B and account info to “Jut Hut Azaph” in game , please check~。

ISK and account info received.

Transfer requested @ 14:48 GMT

Thank you.


char received ,Thank you…

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