WTS 13.3m freighter pilot, resource processing specialist

Profile :

WTS 13.3m Skill points pilot :

  • Amarr freighter 4
  • Mining barge 5
  • Planetary management skills
  • Good base skills at 5 + good navigation skills
  • 6m skill points in resource processing

Docked at jita
NPC corp
Yearly remap + bonus available
Set +3 implants
No jump clone
Security status 0.03

Auction start 10B, Buyout 14B, ends sunday 21/07 21h00 UTC

Bump o/

Bump \o

Daily bump

5 bil

Thanks for the offer, but I’m not willing to sell it for this low :confused:

Bump, lowered price, auction ends sunday o7

Bump o7

I’m interested in the Freighter part, 8B.

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